Tuxes/Suits are guaranteed to arrive 1 day before the event date. However, most do arrive Tuesday or Wednesday the week of the event. We strive to #makeguyslookgood therefore, your cooperation in getting in to try on your items as early as possible ensures a smooth experience.

Try on

We ask that you come try on your items AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after you are notified via text. If you do not have a mobile # , we cannot contact you and it is up to the bride/groom to contact you. You must stop in before Thursday at 4 pm to avoid additional charges for replacements and/or adjustments. Our store hours are Wed-Thurs 12-7 pm. We are also open Friday from 9-2 pm, however, because of time restraints, if adjustments or replacements are needed on Friday, an additional $25 fee will be added.


We stand behind all measurements that are taken by us as long as you come try on before Thursday at 4 pm. We have an alterations specialist here in-house on various days throughout the week. We understand out-of-town guests and want them to look good too. They are welcomed to call in measurements and we will do our best to order the proper size. Please understand that we are doing our best to accommodate all shapes and sizes, however, adjustments may be necessary. Keep in mind, tuxes are not tailored to your exact body measurements and should always be considered as a “rental”.

The Fit

Hey guys, let’s be realistic. Tux rentals are not custom fit. We do our best to #makeguyslookgood but rentals can be tricky. We will not send you out the door in high waters and a Chris Farley fitting coat! Some guys fit better than others and some guys just aren’t proportional. We love you all but please be cool. We want to make sure the bride and groom have a stress-free weekend and your cooperation is a vital part to the celebration.


Tuxes are due back on Monday after the event between 11:30 -1:00.

For returns, we recommend designating 1 person to bring all the tuxes back to the store. You might want to start think about assigning that task to someone special. Please let the person in charge of returning tuxes know that the store will be CLOSED on Monday but we will have someone here during those specific times to gather the tuxes. They will need to go to the ramp entrance for drop-off which is the last door on the north side of the building between 11:30 - 1:00 on Monday - Someone WILL be here even though the store is closed. Please walk in and hang on the designated rack. There will be a $25 per day fee per tux charged to the bride/groom if not returned on time.

*Other arrangements may be made by the bride and groom through us prior to the event.