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Hello From Our Brides & Beyond Team!

At Brides & Beyond we love our brides….sure, every bridal boutique strives to live by that motto, but we really mean it.  We are small-town charm through-and-through and connecting with our brides is what makes our jobs the amazing jobs that they are.   Saying “YES TO THE DRESS” is one of the most personal aspects of wedding planning and we are so lucky that we get to be a part of that very special moment.  One day a bride mentioned to me, “Well, that was easy…but now what do I do”?  Well, just that statement had me thinking about why our “job” has to stop at that point and the concept of the Brides & Beyond blog was born!  Your journey with us is so personal that I want to personally introduce my amazing team!

Cindy:  Our quality control specialist, who makes sure each dress is accounted for, perfectly steamed and examined!  She may be behind-the-scenes but she makes our life easier every day and is an instrumental part of “the process” here at Brides & Beyond.  

Kirsten:  This pageant girl turned bridal consultant is completely in her element when helping brides.   As an upcoming bride-to-be in September she completely understands the bridal process! 

Brianna:  Our spunky bridal consultant/ model.  “You’re the girl in the pictures”!  Yes, that’s our amazing consultant Brianna who has the ability to pull off every-single dress in the store.  Not only can she model but she can accessorize in the blink of an eye.  

Allison: If you are looking to complete your entire wedding look…Allison is your girl!  With being a hair-stylist as well she can help guide you with not only your dream dress but help you pull together your entire wedding look! 

Kara:  Literally the sweetest girl you can imagine.  She is fashion-forward and has a great eye for putting bridal looks together flawlessly. 

Holly: Our newest addition over at The Sample Studio. You can find her working on the weekends when the The Sample Studio is open!

LeAnn:  The bridal and bridesmaids extraordinaire!  Selecting unique and perfect styles for the bride-to-be is LeAnn’s specialty! She also has the incredible ability to pull the perfect bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses together to pull off the entire “look” for a bridal party.  

Becca:  Our fearless leader who motivates us every-day and breathes Brides & Beyond.  She is the creative eye behind the graphic design elements of the store and all social media outlets.  Love our amazing dresses?….thank Becca for her eye for fashion! 

Then, there is me, Lauren.  Who will be taking you on this journey through not only through Brides & Beyond but also giving you first-hand experience as an upcoming bride-to-be! Yes, I am that person who gets goose-bumps when a bride tells me her engagement story or starts tearing up when a bride is about to say yes to the dress of her dreams.  It’s why I love my job and why our whole team loves our brides.  


Lauren soon-to-be Elliott

Store Manager and Bride-to-Be


Becca Wenning