These are some helpful tips when shopping for bridesmaids dresses

All of our bridal party showings are by appointment. Usually the appointment is no longer than an hour. This will ensure the full attention of a consultant.

We recommend ordering your attendant's gowns 8-9 months before the wedding date!

It is best to bring a few of your bridesmaids with you so you can see different styles on different girls.

Don’t be afraid to have different styles for each member of your bridal party. Many designers offer a range of styles that work cohesively, do choose the fabric and color to maintain a uniform bridal party.

- We will need to have a bust, waist and hip measurement. We require that all measurements are taken by a professional to ensure accuracy. Bridesmaid’s dresses do not run the same as ready to wear; therefore we follow the designer’s size chart and recommend the best size. The final decision is left up to the bridesmaid; we are not responsible for dresses that are too big or too small. There are special circumstances for bridesmaids who are pregnant. We will do our best to provide the best sizing possible.